Birds of Prey Centre


The centre is a relatively new venture, although it is not the first time our site has given respite to our feathered friends.

Following the tragic death of the renowned conservationist Sarah Higgins, founder of the Naivasha Owl Sanctuary, we felt it was fitting that Elsamere stepped in to re-home Sarah’s birds under licence from Kenya Wildlife who continue to monitor the health and well being of the birds. We are delighted to be able to play a part in ensuring the birds are at the heart of our mission to educate people in how to treasure and protect these magnificent creatures.

The new centre is now home to a pair of Verreaux’s Eagle owls, Monty with only one eye and Gonzo with a poorly set broken wing. Joy herself looked after injured Verreaux’s owls, the world’s largest owl species, when she lived here. They are amongst nine injured birds of prey who now call Elsamere home. Other new residents include Albert, a male Augur buzzard, Maggie – a female African Fish eagle, a pair of Marsh owls, and three Spotted Eagle owls. Regrettably none of these birds can be released due to their injuries, but they now have an important role helping to stop the decline of threatened species by educating people about; habitat destruction, man made hazards such as electric power lines, wind farms as well as persecution and poisoning.

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