Buffet lunch is served every day of the week from 1.00pm – 2.00pm  Guests can also enjoy eating in the gardens by the lake.

Afternoon tea is served at 4.00pm and has been described by others as “the best afternoon tea in Kenya”  All we will say is that it’s very popular!

Dinner is at 7.30pm every evening and is served in Joy’s dining room with the possibility of viewing passing wildlife as you enjoy your meal.

Guests can also enjoy eating in the gardens by the lake.


Sample Lunch Menu

Sweet and sour meat balls served with
Boiled rice
Grilled spring chicken with espagnola sauce
Parsley potatoes
Stewed matoke served with
Mixed vegetable curry

Spinach quiche
Avocado mousse
Crayfish in Thousand Island sauce
Assorted salads with chefs dressing &
Homemade mayonnaise

Pavlova, lemon mousse,
Bread and butter pudding,
Cinnamon rolls and fruit salad all served with
Fresh cream
High tea from 4pm

Bon appetite


Sample Dinner menu

Potage st germin soup with
Homemade bread rolls or garlic bread

Main course
Lamb leg marinated with red wine,
Fresh rosemary herbs and roasted to your taste
Served with mint sauce/gravy
Lyonnais Potatoes
Sweet and sour red Cabbage
Boiled Broccoli
Pan- fried Butternut
Lemon cheese cake served
With fresh cream


Bon appétit